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Bodine Pottery

P.O. Box 336
Wiggins, MS 39577

Patrick Bodine creates new designs in pottery and precious metal clay and teach classes in his Wiggins, Mississippi studio. Classes are also taught by the Patrick in schools, churches, museums, and art centers. He has done presentations in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida and Minnesota. Teachers are provided with professional development classes and workshops that are one hour to one week in length. Patrick is considered an “edutainer” who entertains while pointing out the connections between pottery making to other disciplines like history, geography, geology, chemistry, math, language arts, and physics. Programs include pottery making by hand or on the wheel, tile painting and glazing, silver jewelry making using precious metal clay, kiln building and firing, Raku classes, glaze formulation and testing, and week-long clay and art camps for children and adults of all ability levels.

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