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Amelia Brame

L: Vicksburg | P: 801-368-5168 | E: | W:

Amelia Brame is a recent transplant to Mississippi and is excited to share her passion of Dance Education with you! Raised in beautiful southern Utah, Brame studied at Brigham Young University and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance. Brame went on to teach full-time dance at a local high school in Houston, TX. She loved and excelled at teaching the inner-city youth of Houston and found her passion in public education. After moving to Mississippi, she has continued to teach and perform. She is the resident cho- reographer for the Vicksburg Theatre Guild, teaches part-time at the YMCA and Debra Franco School of Dance and recently co-founded Propulsion, an adult modern dance company. Although she loves what she does, she yearns for more opportunities to share her love of dance education with the public school system.

Lessons & Workshops: World Dance is For Us! (grades K-12); Evolution of Stepping (grades 6-12); Creating Movement in Your Classroom (grades K-12); and more.

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