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Erin Mulligan

L: Greenwood | P: 508-633-1654 | E: | W:

Erin Mulligan is a graduate of Bradford College in Massachusetts with a BA in Performing Arts. She has performed with Kelly Donovan & Dancers, Green Glass Dance Theater, Bradford Dance Company, Audra Carabetta and Dancers and the Winton Club Cabaret. A dance educator since 1998, Erin has been an instructor in ballet, jazz, modern dance and theater arts. She has led classes and workshops and has served as an artist-in-residence throughout the New England and Mississippi. She is a core artist with ArtPlace in Greenwood, MS, teaching arts integration, dance, yoga and meditation throughout the state.

Lessons & Workshops: Exploring Stories through Movement (grades K-6); Journey Through the Elements of Dance (grades K-12); and more.

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