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Terrence Roberts

Meridian, MS

Roberts is a jali/griot or storyteller in the West African Tradition of Jaliyaa. As a teaching artist/storyteller in the style of Jaliyaa, Roberts embraces the teaching power of words and music. Students are fascinated with the culture, stories, and musical instruments of Africa. Roberts’ performances, workshops, and residencies are filled with teaching moments not just in West African culture but in science, history, and language arts. Roberts has also trained and worked with classes with special needs students. Terrence Roberts is known as “Da Story Weaver”. In the language of the Bamanakan people of West Africa, the ancient title “Da” was one who connected his people to their past and escorted them into their future Roberts is a master storyteller who draws both children and adults into his web with his animated and interactive style, Roberts is available for teacher workshops and both short and long term residencies.


Title: The “Common Core” of Storytelling in the Classroom
Description: This workshop demonstrates how to use storytelling in the classroom to meet Common Core State Standards. Teacher will learn how to effectively develop and present lesson plans that meet state standards using an arts integrated experience.

Title: Stories from the Heart of the Baobab Tree
Description: This workshop teaches teachers to use the ancient techniques of storytelling to inspire, enlighten, and encourage students to seek out and learn universal values such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Title: Storytelling for Parents
Description: This workshop teaches parents the ABC’s of storytelling to their children.

Title: Express Your Soul
Description: This workshop teaches educators how to use “Spoken Word” (poetry and storytelling) with students to help them find their creative voices.

Title: Agoo! Amee! Call and Response
Description: This short workshop teaches educators how to use traditional call and response words, phrases and songs to keep students engaged during classroom instruction time.


Title: In the Beginning was the Story
Description: In this residency students will learn the elements of storytelling and use them to tell or retell traditional folktales. The students will also write their own versions of a folktale based on one of the stories learned during the residency.

Title: Anansi Stories: From Africa to America
Description: This residency features the many tales of the trickster Anansi the spider. These stories show up in all the places captured Africans were relocated to, including the Caribbean and the Deep South of the United States. These stories feature life lessons many that point out the consequence of bad behavior. Stories include: Anansi and the Snake (told in Jamaican dialect), Why Anansi Has a Little Waist, Anansi and the Turtle, Fling-a-mile, Anansi and the Liars Contest, Anansi and the Candlefly etc.

Title: Stories from The Heart Of The Baobab Tree
Description: This residency uses the ancient technique of storytelling to inspire, enlighten and encourage students to seek out and learn universal values such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship this residency.

Title: Parables about People
Description: This residency teaches students how stories can teach life lessons learned through fictional characters. Stories include Three Brothers Who Go Out To Find Death, The Meat of the Tongue, The Gluttonous Rich Man, The Bravest Of All Warriors,

Title: Stories From Around the World
Description: This residency features stories that originate from around the world. Stories in this performance come from Africa, India, Europe, Asia, and America.

Workshop Duration: Short 45 minute workshops to full day staff development..
Residency duration: Single 50 minute classroom residencies or multi-day residencies depending on client needs.
Facilitator space: Minimum 15 × 15 feet
Sound: Brings own sound system or use available PA.
Preparation time: Set up with sound only: 10 minutes depending on performance.

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