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Kay Thomas

L: Texarkana, TX | P: 903-733-3783 | E:

Kay Thomas received an MFA in Ceramics from Arizona State University and a BFA in Ceramics from Texas A&M–Commerce, Texas. A veteran teaching artist with over 30 years experience in visual arts residencies, Thomas has worked with students and teachers grades pre-K through 12 as well as teaching on the university level. In addition to her residency activities, Thomas is the designer/presenter for a variety of art workshops and institutes throughout the U.S. These workshops for teachers emphasize the value of the arts in developing new classroom teaching strategies and higher order thinking skills. Her current work for the ArtsSmart Institute for Learning involves creating in-depth visual arts experiences for students in the classroom, professional development for teachers in arts integration, and arts curriculum design for schools. Asked about her philosophy of art education, Thomas replies, “The arts are the ‘glue’ that give all other subject areas meaning for students. I believe that the arts, used properly in a classroom setting, engage students more effectively and bring with them a multitude of transferable skills that assist teachers in meeting their learning objectives in other subjects.”

Lessons & Workshops: Art and Science (teachers and students grades 2-12); Bring Sculpture into Any Classroom (teachers and students grades K-12); Drawing Clinic (grades K-12); and more.more.

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