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Peter Zapletal

L: Jackson | P: 601-956-3414 | E: | W:

Enhance your students’ speaking abilities, thinking skills and appreciation of literature and music through creative puppetry activities that delight and captivate. Using well-known Aesop’s Fables, engage students in expressive reading, puppet animation or even rewriting the original stories. If time permits, students can make their own shadow puppets. If not, the puppets will be supplied to them, so no time is wasted. The school will keep the puppets, so the performance can be repeated later for the parents. In a workshop for the teachers, depending on the time available, Peter Zapletal will demonstrate many different kinds of puppets, fairly simple to make either by the teachers or the students. If time permits, he will lead the teachers through a puppet-making session. Zapletal, Artistic Director for Puppet Arts Theatre, recipient of three MAC Artist Fellowship Awards, a Jim Henson Foundation grant for his production of The Golem, and five Emmy Awards for his television work, will lead the teachers or students through what was described as the “best use of time and talent I have ever seen” by a teacher from Charleston Upper Elementary. Zapletal, who recently participated in Kennedy Center’s Seminar, “Artists as Educators: Planning Effective Workshops for Teachers,” is available for short and longer term residencies throughout the year.

Lessons & Workshops: Puppetry for Classroom (grades K-6); Shadow Puppetry – Aesop’s Fables (grades 4-9); and more.

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