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Creative Mississippi Institute

In 2009 MAC began a journey to measure how arts and culture work in Mississippi through economic and community development. August 2011 saw the release of Mississippi’s Creative Economy Study: Realizing the Economic Potential of Creativity in Mississippi quantifying Mississippi’s Creative Economy as almost 64,000 and 3.5% of our state economy. In the ensuing two years we continued to educate and inform not only Mississippi communities, but ourselves as we learned more about the nuances of creative economy and the even newer concept of creative placemaking and the potential they have to transform Mississippi communities.

Now is the time for us to roll up our sleeves and really get down to work in creating resources and opportunities for creative people, businesses, organizations, institutions and communities. It is with great delight that we introduce to you the Creative Mississippi Institute (CMI), an initiative of the Mississippi Arts Commission, as a community training and knowledge base in creative economy and creative placemaking. With such great partners as the Mississippi Development Authority, Mississippi Main Street Association, the John C. Stennis Institute of Government and Community Development and many other private, non-profit and community collaborators, we look to place Mississippi as a leader of this work across the United States.

CMI’s mission of building a stronger Mississippi through training, services, resources, research, policy and investment in creative economy and creative placemaking begins with you! We cannot support place-based economic and placemaking initiatives without first hearing from place. The work in creative community building is as broad as it is extensive, and we believe that it is essential we create our priorities and opportunities with your input as we shape and define our programs and investments. We will be building our creative initiatives the same way a community would create theirs, bringing you along in the process so we rise together.

Let’s get growing Mississippi!