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Grants for Organizations

Minigrants for Organizations

Spring application deadline - June 1

Fall application deadline - November 1


The applications for all other grant opportunities will open at beginning of February. Deadline: March 1.


The Mississippi Arts Commission serves as a catalyst for the arts in Mississippi. One way that the agency accomplishes this work is through grants to organizations. Following are the grant programs available to Mississippi-based nonprofits or units of government (organizations may apply to MAC for two grants per fiscal year: an Operating OR Project Grant and a Minigrant):


Minigrants are designed to meet a wide variety of needs in Mississippi communities. The program may be used to present an artist from MAC’s Artist Roster (or another adjudicated artist listing), support a consultancy with an arts organization, or assist with staff travel to an arts conference. Minigrant awards range from $200 to $1,000 and require a dollar-for-dollar cash match. Because these needs often arise at the last minute, there are two Minigrant application deadlines each year.

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Project Grants

Project Grants are utilized in funding a broad range of arts projects (and arts components of larger projects) in Mississippi communities. The awards range from $250 to $5,000 and require a dollar-for-dollar cash match.

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Operating Grants

Operating Grants aim to help nonprofit arts organizations maintain financial stability, build organizational capacity, improve artist programs, and distribute their programs throughout the community. Applicants must have the arts as a primary component of their organizational mission and have been operating as a 501(c)3 nonprofit for at least two years. Organizations may apply for a percentage of the actual cash revenue of their last year’s income. Applicants can request between $7,500 and $30,000.

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Special Initiatives

In addition to its standard grants programs, the Commission offers special initiatives that focus on meeting specific needs within Mississippi communities. These programs are focused on helping to develop significant partnerships that will advance the arts. Current initiatives offering grant support to organizations include:

Building Fund for the Arts

(Please note: There are currently no Building Fund for the Arts grants available at this time.)

Building Fund for the Arts (BFA) is a special, state bond financed program that supports repair, renovation or expansion of arts facilities in communities throughout the state. Applicants must own or be in the process of purchasing the building for which funding is being sought. BFA funds can support up to 60% of a project’s total cost.

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Arts in the Classroom

Arts in the Classroom (AIC) is a program designed to primarily provide professional development for teachers and administrators of preK-12 schools in the foundations of arts integration as a teaching tool to enhance teaching skills and improve student achievement through the infusion of the arts into the basic curriculum.

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The Whole Schools Initiative

The Whole Schools Initiative is a program open to K-12 schools that uses the arts as a vehicle for promoting high-quality instruction and learning for students. The initiative is founded on effective research-based methods and strategies. Participants in the Whole Schools Initiative are supported through grant funds, professional development and technical assistance for up to six years.

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Model Whole Schools

Schools that have committed to arts integration and changed their school’s culture through the arts are invited to apply as a Model Whole School. To apply, schools must have completed at least three years in the Whole Schools Initiative.

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