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Forms, Final Reports & Resources

Interim and Final Report Forms

Following are forms for organizations and individual artist grantees. Right click on the files below to save them to your computer. The forms are in PDF format. They can be filled out using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the current version for free.

PLEASE NOTE: If you applied for your grant through the eGRANT system, you can submit your final report through eGRANT as well. Log in through eGRANT's main page and you will see the final report option listed under the application for your current grant.

Forms for Organizational Grantees

Operating Grants
  • Final Report Form (for one-year Operating grantees AND two-year grantees completing the first OR second year of their grant) - Submit online through eGRANT
  • Request for Second Year Funding for Two-Year Operating Grantees (deadline: first Monday in March) - Submit online through eGRANT
Project Grant
Final Report Form - [PDF]
Final Report Form - [PDF]

Forms for Individual Artist Grantees

Artist Fellowship
Final Report Form - [PDF]
Artist Minigrant
Final Report Form - [PDF]
Folk Art Apprenticeship
Final Report Form - [PDF]

Whole Schools & Arts in the Classroom Grantees

Whole Schools Final Report - [PDF]

Arts in the Classroom Final Report - [PDF]

Model Whole Schools Final Report - [PDF]

Teaching Artist Evaluation Form (required for all artists presented by WS and AIC grantees) - [PDF]

Link Up Forms & Resources

Link Up, a Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute music education program, now in its ninth season, pairs orchestras with students in grades three through five to explore orchestral repertoire through a hands-on music curriculum.  Click on the link above to find information, including application forms and final report forms.

Grant Change and other Forms

W-9 Form

Visit the IRS website for this form

MAC Grantee Change Form                                                       Submit this form when you have a change of your project's Authorizing Official, Project Director, or another major project change. [PDF]

Panelist Nomination Form
MAC is always looking for Mississippi residents who can serve on our grant review panels. If there are individuals from your community who have experience in the arts or nonprofit management and are interested in serving on a panel, please nominate them using this form. (Download PDF or MS Word)

MAC Logos and sample press releases for Download

MAC grantees are required to acknowledge the agency's support in all of the published material or publicity related to a funded project.

Sending out press about your grant is key to your success!  We want to help you get the word out about your accomplishment.  Below are links to MS Word documents to help you as you plan for announcing to the media about your grant.  Please keep in mind that these are just a template to help you.  If you need assistance with your marketing efforts, please refer to the Marketing and Public Relations Guide.

Sample press release for organizations (MS Word)

Sample press release for individual artists (MS Word)

Following are different versions of the agency's logo for use by grantees.  When including the logo on smaller printed pieces, please use the first two logos listed.  Do not include a logo with "support, inspire, enrich" on small printed pieces, such as newspaper ads or flyers.  If you have any questions about the use of the logo, contact MAC Public Relations Director, Susan Liles at or 601/359-6031. 

To save to your computer, right click on the images below and choose "Save Picture As" or "Save Link As".

Use the two logos below for use in publications with small print, such as small print ads, flyers and brochures.

MAC logo - color (.jpg file, 880 x 642, 67KB)

MAC logo - black & white (.jpg file, 880 x 642, 68KB)

Use the images below for publications with larger print such as posters, large ads and banners.

logo thumbnail
MAC logo – black & white (tiff file, 1520 × 991, 1.43MB)
logo thumbnail
MAC logo – color (tiff file, 880 × 642, 2.16 MB)
logo thumbnail
MAC logo – black & white reverse (tiff file, 1520 × 991, 1.43MB)
logo thumbnail
MAC logo – small black & white (.jpg file, 1500 × 978, 142KB)

WSI logo - color (.jpg file)

Grant Writing Resources

Following are some short "how-to" instructions on preparing different elements of a grant application: