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Preparing a Budget

When preparing a budget, you should begin by making a note of anything in your narrative that represents a project expense. This will help you to prepare a thorough budget. Next, think of your budget as a snapshot of your project or program. Like your narrative, it needs to tell your story as clearly as possible. In fact, a well-presented budget will give the reader a basic understanding of the project even before he or she reads the narrative description.

Pay careful attention to your budget itemization, a detailed explanation of each expense and source of income included in your budget. This detailed accounting of the budget will answer many questions that the narrative description is not likely to answer, for example, how much time the project personnel will be paid for and at what rate of compensation. An accurate, detailed budget itemization speaks for the applicant’s accountability and gives a proposal a competitive edge.

Proofread your budget and itemization. Make sure it adds up. Make sure that you have met the matching requirement set forth for that grant program. If you are not sure where to show a particular expense in our budget format, call the Commission and speak with a program director.

Sample Project Grant Budget and Itemization

Following is a sample budget and itemization that represents a typical Project Grant. The actual budget form from the Project Grant application has been used and the itemization of this budget follows.

Sample Budget (PDF)