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Folk & Traditional Arts Program

Mississippi Blues Trail Curriculum

The Mississippi Arts Commission recently launched its new Mississippi Blues Trail Curriculum online. The 18-lesson Mississippi Blues Trail Curriculum along with an interactive, multi-media resource page is available for free at

The curriculum includes three lessons for each of the six core areas: Music, Meaning, Cotton, Transportation, Civil Rights and Media.  The curriculum is designed specifically for 4th grade students studying Mississippi History.  However, teachers may modify the lessons to accommodate students through the 12th grade.

The lessons employ an interdisciplinary, arts-integrated approach, which seeks to increase depth of understanding, incorporates multiple intelligences and utilizes specific learning modalities. Each lesson is aligned with established national standards which help teachers share the skills needed for high student performance on standardized tests. These standards include the Mississippi Studies Framework for social studies and music, the National Standards for Music Education, and the new Common Core Standards for writing, language, speaking and listening.

For more information, contact Jennifer Jameson, Folk and Traditional Arts Director, 601/359-3034 or


Feature story by Associated Press reporter, Emily Pettus.

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