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Arts Industry for Individuals

Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations such as museums, orchestras, theaters, dance troupes, and opera companies are key conduits through which Mississippians experience the arts. As they play a major role in arts education, cultural tourism, and economic development, each organization’s ability to plan strategically and implement plans effectively is key to sustaining Mississippi’s nonprofit arts industry. To ensure the continued growth and survival of the arts in Mississippi, the Commission works with arts organizations to support programmatic excellence, organizational strength, and financial responsibility through its grant programs, workshops and other special initiatives. The Commission also works with individual artists to support artistic and managerial growth.

Grants for Organizations

Operating Grants assist professionally managed, nonprofit arts organizations maintain financial stability, build organizational capacity, improve or expand artist programs, and distribute their programs statewide or regionally.

Project Grants assist professionally managed and volunteer arts organizations in a wide variety of seasonal arts programs and special projects that help to develop the network arts providers in Mississippi.

Minigrants assist professionally managed and volunteer arts organizations with three small-scale project opportunities:

  • Performances, workshops or presentations by artists;
  • Professional consultations for organizational development; and
  • Conference registration or training for staff or board members.

Grants for Individuals

Fellowships are awarded to visual artists, photographers, choreographers, sculptors, poets, playwrights, fiction writers and others working in the visual, performing and literary arts. These $5,000 awards are given annually but not always in every discipline. Check the guidelines each year to confirm which disciplines are eligible.

The Mississippi Artist Roster is made available each year to local arts agencies, schools, festivals, libraries and other organizations interested in presenting Mississippi artists. Each year, Mississippi artists are encouraged to apply for the Roster to afford themselves opportunities to perform and lead workshops in schools and communities throughout the state. Presenters may apply to the Commission for Minigrants to cover up to half of an artists’ fee.


Links to local and national professional arts organizations.