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Great River Presenters Network

The Gulf States Presenters Network (Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana) met recently to discuss collaboration opportunities between the three states.

The Mississippi Presenters Network recently began life anew as the Great River Presenters Network. The network continues to be a member-based service organization that provides benefits to Mississippi-based presenters. The GRPN operates in a non-competitive cooperative spirit, and is dedicated to bringing artists and audiences together throughout the State of Mississippi.

Are you a PRESENTER?

You are considered a PRESENTER if you are any of the following:

• a Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that presents artists and pays artist fees;

• a Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization wishing to find artists/ agents/ managers for performances in their space;

• a Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose primary interest is in finding touring artists to perform in their communities.

If you are a PRESENTER, become a member of our Great River Presenters Network.


Our target members are theaters, community colleges, community festivals, parks and recreation commissions, libraries, museums, churches, universities, and schools. 

Complete the linked form above, and email it back to us. Currently, GRPN Membership is FREE!


We encourage you to become a member today!

Benefits of Membership

The Great River Presenters Network (GRPN) will provide the following membership benefits:


Member-to-Member Assistance:  The GRPN members build professional and personal relationships which offer benefits for members on a one-to-one basis.


Professional Development:  Workshops, resource sessions, seminars and communication regarding matters within the industry. Membership also includes being part of professional development convenings supported by the Mississippi Arts Commission.

List-Serve: Members will be part of a industry peer list-serve that will supply information to members about new trends and opportunities within the industry.


Networking Opportunities: Membership in GRPN will include the opportunity to openly communicate with other members of the regional organization, the Gulf States Presenters Network, which includes presenters from  Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.


Block-booking Benefits: Take advantage of these valuable professional resources and huge savings on artist contracts for your season’s calendar development.


Free Online Promotional Tool: The website will provide a statewide calendar, as well as an updated membership list, meeting schedules, and bulletins on upcoming events.


Regional Coordinators

  • The Hills
  • The Delta
  • The Pines
  • River Region
  • Gulf Coast
  • Jackson Metro Area


Annual Conferences

Our annual meeting will happen during BACKSTAGE PASS   each year. This conference is a high-quality festival and event coordinators’ program, with original sessions and speakers and the most current knowledge and information to help your organization build and grow successful festivals and events.  It’s a great occasion to learn and network!


Important Note:  You can apply for the Mississippi Arts Commission's Minigrant (deadlines of June 1 and November 1) to receive assistance with the costs associated with this conference! Take the advantage of this great opportunity!


MAC's Event Calendar


Great River Presenters Membership List




Contact Us

Turry Flucker, Arts Industry Director - / 601/359-6075

Download a PDF version of Presenting Mississippi's Traditional Artists here.

The online version of the booklet has been subdivided into the following sections:

  1. Purpose of Booklet / Recognizing What is Traditional in Mississippi Culture
  2. Investigating a Community's Traditional Culture Through Fieldwork
  3. Planning Programs Featuring Tradition Bearers
  4. Working with the Tradition Bearer
  5. Completing the Project / Assessing Long-Range Results
  6. References and Resources