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MS Folklife & Folk Arts Directory & MS Folklife Journal

Mississippi Folklife and Folk Arts Directory

Mississippi is home to a wide range of traditional art forms and distinct community events. The music, crafts, and other traditions help the state's residents to pass on their beliefs to younger generations and reinforce their community's shared identity.

The Folklife website is part of the Mississippi Arts Commission's ongoing effort to increase awareness in the state's traditional arts and culture. It features information on the artists and communities we have been active in documenting and providing support for through our programs and services.

Earl Little Joe Ayers

Earl "Little Joe" Ayers

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Mississippi Folklife Online

In an effort to implement social connections between academia and scholars, photographers, presenters, and individual artists of the community, the Folk and Traditional Arts Program had re-established the defunct journal, Mississippi Folklife, as a curated website. The print publication was produced through various entities over the years, including the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi, the Mississippi Folklife Association, and before that, the Mississippi Folklore Society, established in 1927. The new Mississippi Folklife journal  is a multi-media digital publication that is accessible to the public, featuring essays, photographs, short films, interviews, and performances. Mississippi Folklife serves as a forum on present-day folk and traditional arts within the state. The project's six core areas include: Music, Foodways, Letters, Media, Visual Art, Festivals/Celebrations, and Occupational Folklife. You can follow our Instagram feed at this link:

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