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Mississippi Arts Commission
501 North West Street
Suite 1101A Woolfolk Building
Jackson, Mississippi 39201
Office phone: (601) 359-6030
Office fax: (601) 359-6008

Administrative Staff

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Executive Director

Malcolm White 601/359-6030

Deputy Director
Larry Morrisey 601/359-6036
Executive Assistant
Malikah Moore 601/359-6030

Chief Fiscal Officer

Emily Tschiffely 601/359-6039

Communications Director
Anna Ehrgott 601/359-6546
Systems Administrator
Shirley Smith 601/359-6030

Program Staff

Director of Grants
Diane Williams 601/359-6529
Arts-Based Community Development Director
Connie Souto Learman - 601/359-6035
Arts Industry Director/Accessibility Coordinator
Turry Flucker 601/359-6075
Arts Education Director
Charlotte Smelser  601/359-6037
Folk & Traditional Arts Director
Maria Zeringue  601/359-6034

Whole Schools Initiative Director

Andrea Coleman  601/359-6040

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